LaMontagne & Amador LLP is a boutique aviation insurance, appellate, and general insurance law firm. We may be small in number but we’re large in expertise, with over 70 years’ combined experience handling insurance matters, civil appeals, and writ proceedings.

Our firm philosophy rests upon a few simple principles:

First, we take cases only in areas where we have substantial experience.  We have handled over 130 appeals in various state and appellate courts throughout the country, more than 45 of which have resulted in published decisions setting significant precedent.  We have also authored more than 650 coverage opinions and handled numerous insurance coverage-related trial-level cases and appeals.

Secondly, where trial-court or appellate litigation is involved, whenever possible we provide our clients with a thorough analysis of their case at the outset.

Thirdly, we strive always to resolve the client’s case not only favorably but in an expeditious and cost-effective manner.

Fourthly, we are always candid with our clients about the merits of their cases, even if that includes opinions that they may not want to hear.

Finally, we represent our clients’ interests aggressively, but we also play by the rules.  We have both the talent and expertise to obtain favorable outcomes for our clients while adhering to the highest ethical standards.

Over 70 years’ combined experience in aviation insurance coverage and appellate litigation.